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Plantar Warts

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Plantar warts affect roughly 10% of the worldwide population, and in school-aged children, the prevalence is as high as 20%. Since warts spread and are stubborn to treat, it’s important to schedule an exam with top-ranked podiatrists Jarna Rathod-Bhatt, DPM, and Rahul Bhatt, DPM, at Apple Podiatry Group right away. You can conveniently book a plantar wart exam for you or your child online, or you can call the Arlington, Flower Mound clinic to schedule.

Plantar Warts Q & A

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts (foot warts) are small uncomfortable lesions that form when you’re exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV). This viral invader gets into your skin through open wounds, cuts, or weak spots on your feet.

Depending on the severity of your wart outbreak, you can develop a single wart or a cluster of warts, which is known as “mosaic warts.” 

In any case, it’s likely that you came into contact with HPV while walking barefoot in a warm, damp communal area, such as a gym shower, sauna, or pool deck.

Do I need to see a podiatrist for plantar warts?

Yes. Even though plantar warts are nonmalignant and not a serious medical concern, if they’re left untreated or if you try to treat them on your own, they can spread or continue popping up.

This is especially concerning if you have diabetes, a weakened immune system, or poor circulation.

Untreated foot warts grow inward, leading to a hardened callus formation over warts. This can lead to intense pain, burning, and throbbing.

Because plantar warts become so uncomfortable, you may need to adjust the way you walk (your gait) or even avoid enjoyable activities and exercise. Before your case of foot warts starts lowering your quality of life, see how the team at Apple Podiatry Group can help.  

Is there an effective plantar wart treatment?

Yes. The foot and ankle specialists at Apple Podiatry Group provide the latest and most effective plantar wart treatments available. Your plantar wart treatment may include any of the following:

  • Removal through electrosurgery and curettage
  • Prescription antiviral creams
  • Cryotherapy (freezing)
  • Medicated wart pads
  • Antiviral injections

The expert podiatrists at Apple Podiatry Group provide same-day treatments right in the office. They even spend time counseling you on proper home care to help your warts heal, and they let you know what to do in the future to lower your risk of foot warts.

If you have plantar warts, schedule an exam at Apple Podiatry Group to get started on treatment right away. Click the online scheduler or call your most convenient location directly.